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Large semi with fire and water wrapped around the trailer

Large Loss Trailer

This is our newly wrapped Large Loss Trailer that stays stocked and ready to go for any size disaster!

We are going to be ready to travel all over North Carolina and the East Coast to help in storm events.

Building View


This is our new office building located in Washington, NC.

Equipment being used in business restoration

Equipment Used to Dry Out Local Restaurant

Restaurant in Belhaven, North Carolina sustained storm surge damage and our professional technicians were called in to help with the restoration process. With our state of the art equipment and highly-trained team, we were able to get the restaurant up and running again.

Water damage from burst pipe

Pipe Bursts at Local Business

A burst pipe caused by construction caused water damage at local business. We know how important it is to get a business up and running again. Our team helped get the wet materials out, the structure dried and the business open once again.

Mold in residential bathroom

Mold can hide throughout your home

Although the mold in this picture is visible, often it is not. Mold can hide in many different places in your house without you knowing. If you have mold in your home, call us to check it out. We have cleaning methods and professional equipment for mold remediation.

SERVPRO of Bath equipment

We are always ready!

We are ready to respond to any type of home or business damage. If a disaster hits your residential or commercial property, give our team a call! We respond quickly and work swiftly and efficiently to restore your property to its preloss condition.

Damage due to Hurricane

Flood Waters due to Hurricane Cause Damage

When Category 3 floodwaters left 30 inches of standing water in this commercial building, our technicians were called in to help. The heat was used to dry out structural wood and drying was complete in four days. If our team didn’t use heat to dry the structure out, its drying time would have taken seven to nine days to complete.

Damage after broken supply line

Frozen supply line causes damage for homeowners

When a family arrived home after spending the Holiday away, they found that a supply line that ran through their ceiling froze and broke. The structural framing, plaster, and wood walls were soaked for 4 weeks before we were called in to help. The heavy amount of water and saturation into materials prolonged the drying process and demolition had to be performed. Thanks to our dedicated and hard-working team, we were able to restore the damage to the homeowners satisfaction.

Bathroom damaged due to water

Detached Shower Head Causes Bathroom Damage

A shower head got detached from a pipe in the wall. The water intrusion affected the adjacent bedroom, crawlspace, and bathroom. Our technicians went to the job site and removed the affected material needed to dry the structure of the home. Reconstruction was completed in the bathroom and bedroom, and repairs were completed in the crawlspace.

Damage after water line break

Restoration Work to Kitchen Damaged by Line Break

A water line broke in a customers ceiling above their kitchen. The homeowner was able to stop the leak to prevent any further damage, but the kitchen and breakfast nook were affected. The homeowner pulled out wet insulation from ceiling to get to the broken pipe and repair it. Under IICRC guidelines, drying was performed to all the wet, affected areas. Both penetrating and non-penetrating meters were used during the drying process. The crawlspace took several days to dry with a Desiccant unit. The loss occurred on or about 1-8-2018. We didn't arrive and start demolition until 1-22-2018, therefore the saturated sub-floor had been soaked for at least 14 days requiring a much longer dry time than a loss that had been wet a few hours.

Contents gathered from damaged home

Saving Content and Restoring Property

This may look like an ordinary bedroom to you, but to our SERVPRO team its much more. We call this picture "content."  When we are called to a house and we have to remove furniture due to damage, we take pictures of the way the room looked before we took everything out. That way, when we are done restoring your home to its former glory, we know EXACTLY how everything should be put back! That way it looks like nothing even happened!

Dana dresses up as the Grinch

Christmas Celebrations at SERVPRO of Bath

SERVPRO of Bath loves to participate in local festivities! Here is a picture of our operations manager, Dana dressed as the Grinch. Our team enters the SERVPRO float in several different Christmas parades each year! Happy Holidays one and all!

SERVPRO drying equipment

State of the Art Drying Equipment Used

After a toilet line broke causing massive water damage to this residence, SERVPRO of Bath stepped in to help! This is a picture of the drying equipment our team uses to help dry affected area out! We strive to is always be fast and efficient when it comes to help fixing damage to your home!

Our dog at SERVPRO of Bath

Meet SERVPRO of Bath's Jack-Jack

If you happen to stop by SERVPRO of Bath and see this good boy eagerly waiting to greet you, make sure you stop and tell him hello! This is Jack-Jack, he is our office dog! He loves to brighten everyone’s day as he makes his daily rounds around the office.

Hurricane Dorian strikes

Hurricane Dorian Strikes Ocracoke

When Hurricane Dorian hit the island of Ocracoke, it left almost the entire island in need of restoration services. SERVPRO of Bath was happy to be able to help this community in its time of need. 

Water damage to Category 3 Storm

Business affected by Category 3 Hurricane

This structure was affected by water from a Category 3 Hurricane. The storm caused 100% coverage inside the building with water extending above the bottom plate. Axial fans and dehumidifiers were placed in structure to prevent further damage to the contents while our team was waiting for a Contents Pod and Contents Crew to remove the contents from structure. One fan and one dehumidifier were placed in the Contents Pod to keep contents from being destroyed or effected by mold and or condensation.

Flooding due to Storm Surge

Ocracoke Health Center Flooded by Storm Surge

During Hurricane Dorian, the Ocracoke Health Center was flooded due to the storm surge. SERVPRO of Bath helped with remediation needed after the flooding. Pictured here are some of the wonderful residents of Ocracoke who helped us!

Sprinkler system soaked pharmacy

Water Extraction at Area Pharmacy

After a sprinkler system soaked the pharmacy area of a store. SERVPRO of Bath was called in, and the crew went to work with the water extraction, followed by anti-microbial spray and the use of the dehumidifier to ensure everything was dried properly. 

Water damage in commercial building

Toilet Malfunction Causes Water Damage at Local Business

A bathroom toilet malfunction affected six rooms and the hallway of a local commercial building.  SERVPRO of Bath technicians went to the job site and extracted the standing water. Once water was extracted, unsalvageable materials were removed so the structure could dry.

Storm water

Living on the east coast of North Carolina storms can come out of nowhere and cause a lot of damage.  When a storm damages your home, and/or commercial property SERVPRO of Bath is here to help. 

New equipment!

We would like to show everyone our new piece of equipment! This amazing green machine is called a TRAILER MOUNT desiccant WITH A 130 Kilowatt Generator. Its used for large loses, such as hotels where the sprinkler system went off or a hospital that has had major water damage. Once this large desiccant is on the scene it will be used to dry the building out quickly and efficiently.

John & George

Just finishing up after a job down in the crawl space. Always good to consider a sealed crawled space. Pictured here is our owner John and one of our techs George. 

We are here to help

SERVPRO of Bath on scene after a few buildings were flooded by a storm. When you commercial or personal property ever receive storm damage don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Bath. 

Image of a person with dirty protective clothes after inspecting a crawl space

Crawl Space Inspection

After our owner, John came out of a customer's crawl space and was a little dirty. It's always important to check for damage in these areas often. Call SERVPRO of Bath today for a crawl space inspection. 

House Fire

Most house fires happen during the holidays. This is the after math of a fire that was caused by a plug-in Christmas candle placed in a window.  It is important to check your outlets and decorations often. 


Pictured here is three of our crew team members from SERVPRO of Bath.  They just got done taking out all the effective insulation from this home disaster.  Call SERVPRO of Bath today for any personal or commercial property needs. 

Finding a leak

Many times your floors can be showing signs of warping or moisture.  Determining the source of the water (or mold) usually requires a trip to your crawlspace.  SERVPRO of Bath will thoroughly investigate the problem.

Restoring Windsor

SERVPRO of Bath was quickly able to remove the wet contents within the building and dry out the building to avoid further damage of mold.  Our goal is to help the business owner get back in business 'Like it never even happened' as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO team arrives in Windsor

SERVPRO of Bath arriving to the scene as soon as flood waters receded after a storm. Our team was able to get the building dried out quickly before mold caused further damage.

Aftermath of Flooding in Windsor, NC

Unfortunately the flood waters in Windsor caused most business owners to lose the bulk of their property. SERVPRO of Bath was quick to action, ready to clean up and start rebuilding. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

Windsor, NC flood damage

Flood in Windsor

This was the aftermath of a storm leaving the Town of Windsor Flooded. Many of the commercial buildings downtown were flooded and needed repair.

We had the opportunity to help many of the businesses cleanup their properties so they could get back to business.

We now do sealed crawlspaces

Just finishing up another successful sealed crawl space.  Our crew looks a little worse for wear, but the crawl space was a success.

With all this rain...consider a sealed crawlspace

Our new billboard

We now have a new billboard as you enter into Beaufort County! We couldn't be more excited for everyone to drive past and see it!  Call us today with any property needs!

St. Luke's Church

Another Happy Customer who needed to get their doors open quickly before Sunday Services. SERVPRO stands by their motto like it never even happened. Our church congregation was so pleased with their work. C. Bowen

Local Fire Job

A view of a kitchen fire. There was significant smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO of Bath was able to clean up quickly and make this disaster "Like it never even happened."

Local Fire Job

After an almost total loss of the home, SERVPRO of Bath not only restored the home, but the homeowner was able to have a brand new kitchen designed to her taste.  

Local Fire Job

This was the aftermath of a whole house fire in Eastern N.C.  When we arrrived on the scene there was significant smoke and soot damage.  The owner couldn't believe how quickly we were able to transform her home "Like it never even happened".

Local Fire Job

The owner could not believe how quickly we were able to clean and restore.  We make disasters "Like it never even happened".